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Philippines Green City Project to attract Taiwan investment


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The Philippines’s ‘Green City Project’ is seeking to attract investment from Taiwan and according to reports the project is aiming for economic growth and sustainable development.

The President and CEO of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), Arnel Casanova, is searching for contributors to invest in the construction of the Green City at the heart of the Clark Special Economic Zone, which is proposed to comprise of 9,450-hectare and consist of five districts.

In a recent interview in Manila (pictured right), Arnel Casanova expressed to the Taiwanese media that the development of the Clark Green City is said to generate 925,000 job opportunities and improve the economy and sustain growth.

The government district’s targets are regional offices of national government agencies and agencies governing operations of the city. They will also focus on developing connectivity communications to assist data centres for government offices and e-governance platforms.

Business processing outsourcing operations, light manufacturing, and residential developments are welcome to utilise the space as a part of BCDA’s development plan for the former US military base.

The inventive and modern district will predominantly concentrate on appealing to national and international academic institutions to design a hub for the creative division as well as build strong university partnerships. The country’s leading university, The University of the Philippines, will also set up a new global campus there.

The development plan will be executed in stages with fifty-nine billion Philippine pesos to be invested into the first five years until 2019.

Furthermore, the district for wellness and eco-tourism will encourage sustainable forest landscape and offer amenities for recreation, retirement, adventure tourism and wellness.

Casanova expresses that Taiwan is “developed in agriculture” and utilises modern technology. He hopes that Taiwan will share the experience and that both parties could potentially explore the likelihood of communication at the upcoming meetings.

Not only does the agricultural zone have easy transportation access via sea port but there is also an airport near-by which simplifies the process of exporting agricultural products.

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