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Planet Panels’ Eco-friendly Products Become an Escalating Deman


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Planet Panels’ sustainable, eco-friendly living options are easily accessible and promising

Calgary, Alberta (October 6, 2010) – Affordable green materials have become an increasing demand for home builders, as traditional construction materials decline in favour for more environmentallyfriendly offerings. 

As housing accounts for 17 per cent of secondary energy use and 16 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), the demand for healthy, energy efficient homes is being met by local suppliers, designers and builders.

 Planet Panels manufactures and installs complete pre-built and insulated foundations, floors and wall systems, provides energy efficient and environmentally friendly products that differentiate from traditional (stick and batt) companies. 

The economically responsible company uses precision computerized technologies, environmentally friendly materials and solid foam core insulation, making their “No Draft” Wall system a cornerstone product.

“All our staggered stud walls and rim boards meet a tight zero draft spec,” said Brian Leontowicz, Planet Panels’ business development representative. “We have also eliminated 90 per cent of the conventional thermal bridging, including thermally broken headers, cripples, sills and corners.

”Focusing on reducing risk through environmentally responsible construction and innovative technology, Planet Panels’ “No Draft” systems are 37 per cent more energy efficient than traditional fibreglass constructed walls.

As Planet Panels promises future savings, the federal government and more local governments are beginning to offer incentives to homeowners that take the eco-friendly path. For the purchase of Energy Star appliances, rebates are made available and homeowners are qualified for tax credits up to a maximum amount of $1,500 for making energy-efficient home improvements.

About Planet Panels

Planet Panels is an environmentally friendly home building supplier situated in Calgary, Alberta. Manufacturing and installing complete pre-built and insulated foundations, floors and wall systems that meet current NBC and provincial fire codes, Planet Panels’ revolutionary building systems presents customers with a healthier, quieter, safer, energy efficient home at real value.###Media Contact: New Wave Media | (403) 457-0919 |

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