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Plastic-Puglia: Watering your crops while saving resources


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In summer, keeping a vegetable garden well watered means keeping an open tap like you haven’t seen since your last kegger in college. When the little rainfall in winter can make it seem like summer year-round, our finite resource such as water becomes ever more precious, in spite of the few rainstorms that did pass through in winter.

Since the last few years, world has become increasingly thirsty, with 40 percent of the territories suffering extreme to exceptional drought. A recent scientific study found that the last 3 years  were the most severe conditions ever experienced in the last 1,200 years. And it’s looking like another dry year ahead.

For those of us in urban areas, it’s sometimes hard to wrap our heads around the fact that our water supply is dwindling. After all, we simply turn on the tap and water magically falls, as much as we’d like. But I think a lot of gardeners (especially edible gardeners) feel the struggle, financially and emotionally, every time a new seed is sowed or another bounty is brought in.

In a conservation-conscious area, this could mean a bit of creative planning, cutting back on raised beds or finding ways to reuse gray water. But irrigate your garden right, and your crops can continue to drink up without exceeding your city’s water restrictions. In fact, you’ll be able to tend your vegetable garden while saving water at the same time.

Drip irrigation solves all of these dilemmas, even for people who live in climates with plenty of precipitation. Not only does drip irrigation supply the right amount of water necessary for your plants to thrive, it also delivers water right at the roots, where it’s most needed, and keeps water off the leaves, which helps prevent fungal diseases like powdery mildew and garlic rust.

Compared to sprinklers, which are only 65 percent efficient due to evaporation and runoff, drip irrigation is 90 percent efficient. You end up with fewer weeds, no wasteful runoff, and healthier plants, all with little to no maintenance once the system is fully set up for the season.

This is the aim of Plastic-Puglia, a leading company in the production of advanced  irrigation systems since 1967. Almost 50 years of studies and researches on micro irrigation that led to winning results for the global needs.

The company’s goal is not to sell you a system, it’s to sell you the right system.

Don’t waste water- every drop is precious. Conservation and reuse of water, including recycled sewage, will be the watchwords of the future.

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