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PON Tracker update


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The PON Tracker is coming to life and is now out for beta testing. We have tuned and added features throughout the holidays.

The following larger modifications have been finished in the last week.

  • The bulk insert feature is now released. This enables quicker group entry of chemicals.
  • The alarm framework has been implemented and tested.

There have been several minor modifications added:

  • The PON follow up report can now be exported to Excel
  • Comments have been migrated
  • Data can now be exported to Excel from the Permit dialog
  • Admin access is required to add new tabs (will be changed at a later stage)
  • More information added to the Permit Dialog > Retrieval tab
  • All headers are now 2 lines.
  • The arrows can now be used to navigate through the chemical dropdown menu
  • The alarms are now shown directly after save without refresh
  • Information on permits and calculation methodology are added to the info pages
  • Column widths adjusted
  • Chemical and supplier are split into two columns when exporting data
  • Fixed log bug for columns
  • A filter has been added for the permits page. Only active permits are shown by default.

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