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Pork Industry Better Equipped to Prevent and Respond to Disease


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Enhancing biosecurity and education to help combat the spread of pig diseases will help Alberta`s hog producers maintain a healthy pork industry.

Through Growing Forward 2, the governments of Canada and Alberta are providing $1.35 million to Alberta Pork to help address the threat of pig diseases, such asporcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), to the swine industry. The funding is in addition to existing Growing Forward 2 grants that are available to pork producers and farm service providers to enhance biosecurity measures in their operations.

Actions supported by the Alberta Pork grant:

  • Updating Alberta Pork's swine risk assessment
  • Training veterinarians to perform on-farm biosecurity audits, and conducting those audits
  • Developing a system for farm service providers to have their biosecurity processes assessed
  • Developing education and information materials for producers

Growing Forward 2 is a joint federal-provincial-territorial agreement that is investing $400 million in strategic programs to support the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of Alberta's agriculture sector.


'This funding for the pork sector is a proactive step to help the industry fight pig diseases and improve biosecurity measures across the province. Through Alberta's Budget 2014, we are continuing our commitment to make significant Growing Forward 2 investments that will strengthen our province's agriculture industry.'

- Verlyn Olson, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

'Our Government recognizes the importance of the Canadian hog industry in creating jobs and economic growth. This investment provides Alberta Pork with the tools and resources it needs to support producers and processors in improving biosecurity.'

- Blaine Calkins, Member of Parliament for Wetaskiwin

'The funding will help our industry respond to current disease threats as well as prepare for and help prevent future threats to the industry. Biosecurity continues to be our best defence to keep disease off the farm, and we must all continue to be vigilant - from farmers to truckers and processors.'

- Frank Novak, Chairman of Alberta Pork

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