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Positive Results for Soybean Meal from the Afghan Poultry Feeding Trials


Source: American Soybean Association.

The American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (ASA/WISHH) program’s Soybeans for Agricultural Renewal in Afghanistan Initiative (SARAI) project is a soybean value-chain from production to consumption. An important and growing customer in the soy value chain is the Afghan poultry industry, which is going through a rapid growth stage.  SARAI is funded by USDA and is currently in its fourth year.

Starting in 2013, ASA/WISHH conducted several poultry feeding trials to demonstrate to Afghan poultry producers the benefits of soybean meal-based poultry rations.  Currently most poultry operations use poultry feed imported from Pakistan or use older, less efficient feeding methods.

The feeding trials used feed formulated with soybean meal produced by the Afghan Soybean Factory (ASF) in Mazar, the only producer of commercial soybean meal in Afghanistan.  The trials demonstrated a clear economic advantage in using feed formulated with ASF produced soybean meal.  Trial data revealed that the chickens eat less feed but still gain weight quicker, which enables them to reach market weight sooner.  Based on the positive results, poultry producers are eagerly seeking out rations that include soybean meal.  This has resulted in increased sales of soybean meal for the ASF.

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