Poultry Farmer Grants For Rainwater Harvesting Tanks



Farmers Weekly reports this week on grant streams available to the UK’s poultry farming industry.  A new £5m fund which forms part of Defra’s new £141m Countryside Productivity Scheme is designed to help farmers access the best technology and improve productivity.  Small grants of between £2,500 and £35,000, along with large grants of up to £1m are available with the money to be used to fund 40 per cent of investments in specific types of farm equipment.

Money is available for items including crop robotics, woodland harvesting and also water management, which includes rainwater harvesting for irrigation purposes.  In addition the funds can also be used for supporting equipment, such as pumps, recirculation units and water tanks.

Enduramaxx provides farms with a broad range of water storage tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, being large volume, rugged tanks that store rainwater roof run-off.

Defra farm minister, George Eustice, was quoted by Farmers Weekly as saying that competition for the funds will be strong, advising that farmers should submit their applications well before June 30th.  To apply, register with the new Rural Payments Agency online service that can be found at www.gov.uk/government/collections/countryside-productivity-scheme.

For more information on Endramaxx vertical and horizontal water storage tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, get in touch now!

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