Preventive irrigation to protect the Dutch dikes


Source: Conver BV

Dijkensproeier The drought that bothered our country especially in June, has led to problems in various places. Many dikes were affected by the heat.

The drought causes cracks that weaken the dikes. To prevent this, several Waterboards have started spraying the dikes with water.

Because this is done best from the water, Broveco has built an attachment, which can be used on a standard Conver C485 mowing boat without any modifications.

The hydraulic Doda-pump is mounted on a suspension bracket that comes with the standard quick-coupling system on the front of the C485. The hydraulic system capacity of the standard boat is sufficient for spraying the dikes (see pictures) and traveling at the same time.

The nozzle is fitted on the rear deck near the propulsion auger, so the boat remains controllable even at maximum pump capacity of approx. 110 m3/hr. The nozzle is adjustable in two directions so that an optimum spray direction can be set.

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