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PrimeTech: Low ground pressure guaranteed!


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PrimeTech is a company specializing in the manufacturing of tracked prime movers for forestry, agricultural and road use. The product range includes three models: the PT-200 with 180 hp, the PT-300 with 275 hp and the PT400 with 415 hp; each one has been designed to ensure maximum performance and productivity.

The tracked PrimeTech carriers have a very important advantage over similar models in the international market by guaranteeing the lowest possible pressure to the ground. This feature ensures that the PrimeTech prime movers always maintain an excellent mobility, above all others while operating on marshy land and in muskeg as well as in particularly uneven terrain.

In fact, each model, apart from standard track pads (STD version) can be equipped with low ground pressure track pads (LGP version) that ensure each vehicle has such a wide contact surface that compaction of the ground is minimal.

The top model - the PT-300 with 800 mm (32 in) tracks - exerts a ground pressure of only 0.23 kg/cm2 {3.25 psi), whilst the largest vehicle - the PT-400 with 1,200 mm (48 in) tracks - exerts a ground pressure of only 0.25 Kg/cm2 (3.60 psi). So far a value like that has not been achieved by a carrier of that size!

The low ground pressure, together with the perfect distribution of mass and the long, oscillating undercarriage, capable of adapting to different conformations of the ground, make the PrimeTech carriers suitable for operating on very uneven and mountainous zones. They are without equal in mulching and land clearing operations in wet and marshy zones as well as in muskeg. They adapt well to working on soft agricultural terrain and guarantee an excellent performance on road works.

Therefore, the possibility of choosing between three different models (the PT-200 with 180 hp, the PT300 with 275 hp and the PT-400 with 415 hp) and two different configurations (with STD tracks or LGP tracks) make the PrimeTech carriers unique. They can be configured exactly according to the needs and requirements,making sure the customers get the maximum productivity and performance out of their PrimeTech unit and get a faster return on investment.

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