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Prince of Wales in tune with public and independent scientific opinion on GM


Source: Soil Association

The Prince of Wales’s views not only reflect the views of 85% of the British public who opposed the commercial growing of GM crops in the UK, but also of an increasing body of independent scientists who question GM company PR claims that GM crops are the answer to world hunger. [1]

Robin Maynard, Soil Association Campaigns Director said: “As so often, The Prince of Wales’s views are in tune with public opinion. In questioning the value of GM crops for poor, small-scale farmers in developing countries, his comments also chime with the recent international agricultural assessment by 400 scientists from around the world, which questioned whether GM crops offered any solutions to global poverty, hunger or climate change.

“Even the gung-ho GM US Department of Agriculture accepts that ‘currently available GM crops do not increase the yield potential’, only PR firms working for the GM industry claim otherwise.[2]

“Agribiz owned and patented GM seeds that only grow ‘true’ for one season and which need large inputs of chemical fertilisers and pesticides will not deliver greater global food security. They were not designed to meet the needs of poor farmers in developing countries, but to maintain the profits of the vast multinational companies who make both the GM seeds and the chemicals used on them. Prince Charles’ previous pithy summary of GM crops, ‘as new uses for old herbicides’ was spot-on.”

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