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Our health starts with our soil. If the soil in our farms and gardens is depleted of life because of chemical and fertilization, the food will be sterile and not healthy. They key to a healthy body, soul, and mind is organically grown food that is full of life.

“When the things we put into our bodies are healthy, our bodies are able to utilize the nutrients with very little energy. This leaves the rest of the energy in our food to be utilized for our activities of the day. We feel more alive, more alert, don’t easily get tired, and can handle stress. The opposite is true when our bodies have to utilize huge amounts of energy to digest our food, deal with and remove chemicals, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and break down the unnatural ingredients of most commercial foods.” Azure, Standard of Health & Abundant Living.

It’s About the Connection Between Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, and Healthy People

According to an article in the Guardian,”Graeme Sait, an author-educator on nutrition and agriculture in Australia, believes the food we eat today offers only 30% of the nourishment compared to the food our grandparents ate as children.” The article went to show the drop in nutritional value.

The levels of iron recorded in the average rump steak have dropped by 55%, while magnesium fell by 7%. Looking at 15 different meat items, the analysis found that the iron content had fallen on average by 47%. The iron content of milk had dropped by more than 60%, and by more than 50% for cream and eight different cheeses. Milk appears to have lost 2% of its calcium, and 21% of its magnesium too.

Most cheeses showed a fall in magnesium and calcium levels. According to the analysis, cheddar provides 9% less calcium today, 38% less magnesium and 47% less iron, while parmesan shows the steepest drop in nutrients, with magnesium levels down by 70% and iron all gone compared with its content in the years up to 1940.

The solution lies in the health of our soil. 

Our soil is a breathing, living and digesting organism whose health depends on the population of microorganism. These vital living elements have been depleted from most of our soil through the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Black worm castings contain an incredibly high concentrated amounts of bacteria, microorganisms, and fungus, vital for healthy soil. In just one cubic inch of worm castings there are over 1.5 billion bacteria and fungus. Scientific research has shown black castings is benefiting people in science, soil remediation, medicine and plant stimulation. Even will all of todays modern advances, science cannot culture everything found in worm castings.

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