Rainwater Tanks & Vertical Storage Tanks – Helping Dairy Farmers Reduce Energy Bills



Farmers Guardian highlights some of the top tips to help dairy farmers reduce their energy bills.  Here’s a run-down of the pick of the bunch:

Milk Cooling – Because the milk cooling process is responsible for about 33 per cent of energy consumed on dairy farms, the first thing to consider is the efficiency of the plate cooler and what reduction in milk temperature it’s achieving.  A variable-speed milk pump will ensure consistent flow of milk through the plate cooler, whilst a single-speed pump only transfers milk when a set level is reached.

Vacuum Pumps – It’s important to make sure both the size of the vacuum pump and location of the regulator within the system are correct. Also, trials indicate that a variable-speed vacuum can reduce electricity consumption by anywhere between 30 and 70 per cent.

Water Heating – One of the main areas to target when looking for efficiency.  If your tank is too large, you may be heating large quantities of hot water unnecessarily.  If it’s too small, additional heating on expensive peak-rate electricity might be required to top up your system.

Lighting – LED’s are the most efficient way to light any building.  With lighting responsible for circa 5-15 per cent of the electricity used, switching can be one of the quickest paybacks.

Water Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting – As we all know, one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture in the future will be the availability of water.  Rainwater harvesting systems provide water to dairy farms at a fraction of the cost of mains water supplies.   Channeling rainwater from roofs into vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks and other dedicated tanks for when needed can save dairy farmers a great deal of money.

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