RainWise is pleased to announce: Now you can get financing through our partner, TimePayment Corp.


Source: RainWise Inc.

Approval in as little as a few minutes!

Some Benefits of Financing:

Preserve your bank and credit cards lines
In today’s economy, credit is difficult to come by and expensive. Our financing plan allows you to acquire the equipment you need affordably, while preserving your credit.

Fixed Monthly Payments
With a credit card your payment is variable and can fluctuate. With our plan you know your monthly payment and terms in advance without unplanned increases.

Minimal Upfront Cost
Other options such as bank loans usually require a significant down payment that can range between 10% - 20% of the equipment cost. Our standard program only requires one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the plan.

Typical Monthly Payments (with credit approval):

Our most popular MKlll-LR weather station package
$68.50 per month / 36 months

The AgroMET Agricultural weather station
$84.67 per month / 36 months

A Salute to our Founder, John Baer

June 06, 2012 was a very sad day for all at RainWise.  We lost our Founder, our friend, John Baer.  The majority of the people presently working at RainWise spent many years under John’s leadership and tutelage.  We owe our present success, reputation and robust product offerings to John’s engineering abilities and steadfast ethics.   If the product didn’t live up to his expectations, it sure as heck wasn’t going out the door.   RainWise customer service also benefits from John’s attitude of “treat the customer the way you would want to be treated”.   John sold the company to the employees in 2004 yet remained involved as a consultant and a go-to guy when we needed him.   He did not disappoint.  His passing was a shock to all of us.  He will be sorely missed but remembered as an inspiration, a father figure and a respected gentleman to us all.  God speed John….

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