Recipients of the 2010 G.A. Harris Instrumentation Fellowship


Source: METER Group, Inc.

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON/MARCH 2010-Decagon Devices, an environmental instrumentation company in Pullman, Washington, announced the names of ten graduate students receiving over $30,000 through the G.A. Harris Instrumentation Fellowship. The Grant A. Harris Research Instruments fellowship provides ten awards for up to $5,000 worth of Decagon research instruments to graduate students studying any aspect of environmental science or geotechnical science. Dr. Grant A. Harris served as chairman of the Washington State University Department of Forestry and Range Management from 1967-1980, and as Chairman of the Board at Decagon from 1983 until 2005.This year the committee emphasized studies that propose innovative soil and plant monitoring. Awarded research topics ranged from the study of canopy soils in an old-growth Sitka spruce forest to the root distribution and nutrient uptake in almonds.

G.A. Harris Fellowship recipients are chosen by the Committee based on a series of characteristics. Proposals from each applicant must illustrate a sound understanding of the researched science and must present the appropriate and proper use of the instrumentation. Each applicant must also be endorsed by their primary research advisor.

During the past two years, over 16 graduate students studying at United States universities have been awarded the G.A. Harris Instrumentation Fellowship. The 2010 awardees include, in no particular order:

Ginger Allington, Saint Louis University
Kendall DeJonge, Colorado State University
Michael Wine, Oklahoma State University
Jill Sherwood, Iowa State University
Camila Tejo Haristoy, University of Washington
Tracy Rowlandson, Iowa State University
Nikki Woodward, University of Wisconsin
Honorable Mentions
Lafe Conner, Brigham Young University
Sruthi Narayanan, Kansas State University
Andres Olivos, University of California, Davis

Details of each student’s proposed research can be found at
Students studying within the United States who want to apply for the 2011 G.A. Harris Fellowship must submit a 3-page proposal including title, abstract, primary goals and objectives, methods, time schedule, research significance, and plans for dissemination of findings. Proposals are due on January 14, 2011. A complete application packet can be found at

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