Redwave takes a bite out of the Big Apple

United States: Austrian sensor-based sorting equipment specialist Redwave has opened a new US subsidiary based in New York - with offices too in Minnesota and Georgia, Recycling International was told at last week's IFAT trade show in Munich. 'The ink is still wet on the contract for Redwave Solutions US,' commented the venture's beaming vice president Jeffrey van Galder.

The expansion was a 'well-kept secret difficult not to share', Van Galder noted. He considers New York the perfect place to build on Redwave's success; more than 150 of its machines have been commissioned by North American clients to date. 'If there is any point of entry into the US market, it’s New York, right?' he said, adding that growth potential appears 'promising'.

The new offices will encompass systems design, installation, customer service, and machine and system sales. Van Galder will manage the sites together with company president Christopher Simon and vice president Ulrich Schulte.

Just like Levi's

From now on, Redwave will focus mainly on the technology behind the equipment rather than on the sales of individual machines. It has entailed 'a shift in mindset', according to Van Galder, but banking on innovation is 'definitely the way to go'. Equipment design is one area on which Redwave will continue to build in order to set itself apart. 'Most recycling machines look like the other ones out there,' said Van Galder. 'We want to take a different approach; we want to be the Levi’s of recycling technology.'

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