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Reference: goat stable in the Netherlands


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JH Automatic bedding distribution system in a goat stable in the Netherlands.

This farmer has expanded his existing goat stable with another one, to a total of 1.200 goats. He has chosen to install a JH system consisting of two robots – one for each stable – and one central filling station, a JH Bale Opener, where both robots collect straw.

Due to national animal welfare regulations we have installed the JH Bale Opener on weighing cells that are connected to an app, documenting the amount of straw distributed to the goats every day.

Apart from securing his animals a dry, even layer of bedding and very high standards, when it comes to animal welfare, this farmer is now saving 250 kg straw a day. With the current price of 80 € / ton, that is a total of 7,300 € / year savings on his straw bedding!

JH Automatic bedding distribution goat stable

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