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2 Day Moringa State of Art International Training Programme

GLOBAL MORINGA MEET 2013 is an international hi-tech training programme dedicated to the latest advancements in the moringa oleifera science, technology and advancements in research, commercialization solutions and much more!

Moringa oleifera is an essential plant in meeting global food security and sustain the livelihoods of many millions of people. Climate change provides both opportunities and challenges for attaining the potential contribution of the wonderful tree for sustainable human development. Strategies need to be developed to address key issues in productivity, crop plant-soil/water/energy resources management, and postharvest utilization as food and feed, nutritional and health value addition, and trade and commercialization, so that the role of Moringa in ensuring sustainable development can be enhanced. On realizing the potentiality of moringa as a nutritional security provider and the high value energy crop, much importance is attached globally and this is the right time to gear up for research and development activities to reap its fullest potential. Aiming at promotion of the international exchange and cooperation in above mentioned fields 2 day Global Moringa Meet(GMM 13) on November 21 & 22 , 2013 shall provide new insight in the potentiality of this crop for future exploitation and formulate strategies for developing moringa failsafe farms and also helps new growers to have holistic information on moringa crop.

A combination of low yielding Moringa varieties, the absence of effective crop management, and high plant mortality during the planting phase, contributes to sub-optimal yields. Moringa investors and crop research institutes are continuously studying modern high-yielding varieties developed by breeding programs, under ideal climatic conditions in Africa, Asia, and America etc. Experts at Biodiesel Business Academy A Knowledge arm of Center for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) are pursuing the unique suitability of all parts of the plant for a wide range of practical purposes ranging from agricultural to medicinal to fuel. The GMM 13 provides an opportunity for experts from around the world to meet and address this agenda.

The Scope of GMM 13 will cover the academic research activities in Agronomy, Horticulture, and Biology, industrial practices in biofuels and bioenergy technology, and food biotechnology Engineering, Marketing and Financial aspects of Moringa commercialization.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to welcome you to GMM 13 in beautiful downtown Jaipur. It will be a great pleasure to share the up-to-date advances in both fundamental researches and engineering practices, and to project the areas where we may contribute to our better life and planet.

Next, given that the industry is marking milestones with the development and commercialization of Moringa-derived products, particularly in the Europe, South America, Africa and Asia Pacific region where the diverse market is growing immensely, we have lined-up these top experts and their sessions on High Value Added Ingredients from Moringa:Here is a sampling of the some of the sessions you’ll not want to miss.

Ø  Learn the views of the Moringa experts on Concepts, sources, bio diversity moringa Crop Science Crop Ecology Global genetic diversity and conservation of moringa

Ø  Receive Management Tips for Moringa growing from ground zero to Choice of Fields -Varieties - Seedbed Preparation -Planting Dates, Rates & Methods -Weed Management – Nutrient Management -Harvest Management -Crop Cleaning and Storage Management

Ø  Live demo of moringa oil/biodiesel production

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