Reinke Announces ReinSense


Source: iDUS Controls Ltd.

New Soil Moisture Product Provides Increased Irrigation Management and Grower Savings

Growers looking to increase their water management capabilities and know more about how and when to water their crops will soon have a more efficient and cost-saving solution to consider. Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, will soon introduce ReinSense, a new soil moisture monitoring product in partnership with IRROMETER Company, Inc. and iDUS Controls, LTD.

ReinSense is an in-field sensing device designed to monitor and collect underground soil moisture data through a smart radio network. Solar-powered nodes work to collect the site-specific data that is then is transferred and housed on a server, supplying the grower with real-time access to their soil moisture data through registered online or text alerts.

Reinke estimates a grower savings of up to 90-percent on subscription fees with the use of ReinSense. Typical to soil moisture monitoring products are cellular modems at each site, with separate subscription fees per site. The use of a smart radio network with ReinSense versus a cellular modem will allow growers to monitor up to 12 different soil moisture sites for only one subscription fee.

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