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Responsible Forestry and CSR – The Business Case


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The significance of responsible timber sourcing practices to promote sustainable forest management and combat climate change will be the focus of the keynote speech by Ben Gunneberg, PEFC International Secretary General at the forthcoming World Engineers Summit (WES) in Singapore next week.

Sustainable forest management is key to maintaining the forest carbon stock and has been identified as an important activity to combat climate change. PEFC, the world’s largest forest certification system, provides assurances that timber is sourced from sustainably managed sources. Increasingly, business is recognizing the role of forest certification within their CSR activities, and more and more leading companies are implementing responsible timber procurement policies that specify PEFC to promote sustainability in forest management.

The inaugural edition of the World Engineers Summit will bring together engineers from multiple disciplines and climate change specialists from all over the world to share ideas and insights on climate change. The week-long event, which will take place from 9-15 September at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore, will include the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) General Assembly 2013 and committee meetings, as well as Build Eco Xpo (BEX Asia) 2013 which addresses sustainable and green solutions for the building sector.

Ben Gunneberg is the keynote speaker for the session on “Corporate Social Responsibility on Climate Change” on the afternoon of Thursday 12 September and will take participants on a journey explaining what responsible forestry delivers, what benefits forest certification offers to business, and what opportunities PEFC provides to forward-looking companies aiming to responsibly use the world’s forest resources.

Mr. Gunneberg will be joined by Mr. Michael Kwee, Coordinating Director of the Banyan Tree Global Foundation and Group Director CSR - Strategy and Communications for Banyan Tree Holdings Limited in discussing questions such as

  • Is there true value in adopting such “environmentally-conscious” practices?
  • Why is the participation in “ethical corporate citizenship” important?

The session will also showcase examples of CSR that are not only savvy business responses but are also beneficial to the population at large.

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