Rubble Master RM80 - Autobahn Refurbishment in a Single Pass


Source: Rubble Master HMH GmbH

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To avoid cost-intensive temporary storage, a RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recyclier RM80 with an OS80 oversize separator crushed and screened material used for making fresh concrete in record trime.

In just 4 weeks the RM80 crusher and OS80 mobile screen unit processed a 1.2 km length of autobahn cost-effectively in single pass. A 25 cmthick layer of old concrete was removed from half the width of the carriageway and placed on the remaining half. The digger gradually rode over the slabs of concrete, feeding the crusher step-bystep with the entire surface and foundation of the old carriageway. The RM80 reversed along the cleared 5.5 meter-wide lane as it processed the material. The final grain was deposited onto the substructure of the new road, where it was distributed and levelled over the full width of the carriageway by a laser-controlled grader with crawler gear.

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