Sainsbury`s introduces Wild Rocket salad in compostable packaging


Source: Amcor

Major UK retailer Sainsbury’s has introduced its Sainsbury's SO organic Wild Rocket salad in Amcor's NaturePlus compostable film. This innovative concept (patent pending) has been created through a joint venture between Amcor Flexibles and Flextrus.

“Food packaging is very important to our customers and it influences their buying decisions. Amcor's NaturePlus compostable film helps us to meet our customers' needs and our sustainability goals without compromising on shelf life and seal performance requirements” commented Stuart Lendrum, Packaging Manager at Sainsbury’s.

Today, ninety percent of Sainsbury's organic fresh produce is available in compostable, recycled or recyclable packaging. Using Amcor's NaturePlus compostable film was therefore a natural response to the concerns of Sainsbury's customers. Also it means a significant step forwards in achieving Sainsbury's objective to halve customer's household waste by composting.

“Sainsbury’s challenged us to deliver a non-genetically modified, compostable film for prepared produce. We created a revolutionary new concept which maximises both seal integrity and barrier properties. The new film is water resistant and can run in a wet environment at standard speeds. We are very excited about this new concept' says Peter Ettridge, Sustainable Product Development Manager at Amcor Flexibles.

Through its improved sealing properties, Amcor's NaturePlus compostable film also helps to reduce food waste. And once you have enjoyed your fresh and crisp salad, just dispose of the pack on your compost heap.

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