Saudi Arabia captured by Dacom irrigation management system


Source: Dacom

In Saudi Arabia drastic measures are needed to reduce the water usage by the agricultural sector. The Ministry of Agriculture has set itself the task to decrease the water consumption from 17 to 5 billion mᶟ. Since 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture has dedicated Dacom to a project to monitor the soil moisture at various arable farmers throughout Saudi Arabia. To this, Dacom advices both the participating farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture in irrigation and irrigation systems. In the last four years, this has led to water savings of 30-75% and yield improvements of 10-25%.

Last week, the agricultural advisory services of the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia had training about this project under supervision of Dr. Samir F. Mohamed of Dacom. During this training the focus was given to the need for irrigation in Saudi Arabia, the water requirement calculation and the use of Dacom soil moisture stations and irrigation advices. Besides that, they visited a number of locations. In this way, Dacom has been able to make another big step in the application of the Dacom irrigation management system by the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia to be able to drastically reduce the water usage.

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