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Save time and improve silage quality with ULV application


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Ultra-low volume (ULV) preservative applicators are becoming increasingly popular with farming contractors. One Shropshire contractor tell us about the benefits for both contractors and farmers.

Paul Ecclestone of Paul Ecclestone Contracting has been in the business for 32 years and is seeing first hand the increase in the use of silage additives in order to improve silage quality. Farmers are now taking three to four cuts, and many are using a silage additive to get more milk out of forage, rather than buying in feed.

One of the biggest practical innovations Paul has seen to date is being able to apply certain additives in an ultra-low volume (ULV) of water- down to just 1% of the traditional volume of water used. Less water means substantial time savings in the field and more time to spend on other activities at the clamp such as consolidating, which is another important aspect to get right if you want to improve your silage quality.


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