Scottish Growers Face Basic EU Green Regime



The Scottish Farmer reports this week that Scottish growers face only a ‘basic’ green regime and will not have a personalised version of the new EU greening rules in time for the next season. Instead, they will work within the basic framework for the next year until a local deal can be agreed. Under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy, ‘greening’ is the new environmental aspect that accounts for a third of direct farm funding, coming into effect on the first of January next year.

The Scottish government’s attempts to complete proposals with Brussels has run out of time, meaning that the decision has been made to accept basic greening measures for the time being. Because an agreement is not in place, Scotland does not have confirmation that proposed equivalence measures, including fertiliser plans and an alternative to the three crop rule will be accepted by the EU, something deemed crucial if Scotland is to avoid disallowance further down the line.

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