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Although it is not apparent, the soil in your garden or farm is living system teaming with life. The ‘soil food web’, is made up of millions of beneficial micro-organisms which supports the development, vigor and production of the plant. These organisms include, nematodes, fungi, protozoa, and bacteria, are also responsible for retaining water and nutrients and disease suppression.

Synthetic fertilizers can be seen as a quick fix, but in the end these chemicals end up killing these necessary organisms and is conducive to sterile soil and diseases.

The United States Department of Agriculture  released a publication on ‘Unlocking the Secretes in the Soil”, shows how everyone can benefit fro healthy soil.

Farmers who manage their land in ways that improve and sustain soil health benefit from optimized inputs, sustainable outputs and increased resiliency. Healthy soils benefit all producers – managers of large, row crop operations to people with small, organic vegetable gardens. Healthy soils provide financial benefits for farmers, ranchers and gardeners, and environmental benefits that affect everyone.

Healthy soils lead to:

Increased Production – Healthy soils typically have more organic matter and soil organisms which improve soil structure, aeration, water retention, drainage and nutrient availability. Organic matter holds more nutrients in the soil until the plants need them.

Increased Profits – Healthy soils may require fewer passes over fields because they are only minimally tilled and they aren’t over-reliant upon excessive nutrient inputs to grow crops. Healthy soils can increase farmers’ profit margins by reducing labor and expenses for fuel, and optimizing inputs.

Vermitechnology organic fertilizer solution for growers, farmers and home gardeners. For over 40 years we have been a leader in the industry for pure organic fertilizers derived from black casting, worm farming and composting supplies.

Our products provide your plants with a nutrient rich, robust environment, able to withstand climate hardships and less likely to be damaged by insects. Our Organic fertilizer is a valuable addition for every soil type and plant situation, from farms, vegetable or flower gardens, to landscaping and lawns.

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