Semios Receives Canadian Regulatory Approval for Aerosol Pheromones in Agriculture


Source: SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

Vancouver, BC -- Semios, provider of real-time agricultural information and precision pest management tools, has been given approval by Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Authority for their Semios OFM Plus pheromone product that disrupts the mating of oriental fruit moth. “We have already had great success rates with this product in the US and Europe, so we are especially pleased to have the approval for Canadian growers,” said Michael Gilbert, CEO of Semios. The aerosol pheromone dispenser is part of a custom designed controller and sensor network that gives farmers remote access to the conditions in the field 24/7. 

A Sustainable Solution

The Semios OFM Plus targets oriental fruit moth, one of the most destructive pests for apples, pears and a host of stone fruit as it gives rise to larvae, which internally feed on the fruit.  Once released, the pheromone confuses the male moth so it’s unable to find the female to fertilize the eggs.  With no offspring, the pest population is diminished prior to its destructive larval stage without killing the pests or using toxic substances. By switching from pesticides to pheromones, farmers worldwide can produce a safer product with less toxicity to the fruit, workers and environment.  As the pheromone only targets the specific pest, pollinators and other beneficial insect species are not affected. 

Trialed and Proven Results

Semios OFM Plus has already been on trial in Canada for two years on 150 acres of peaches and apples.  The mean damage level in the observed blocks decreased 0.1% between the first and second year to a level of 0.3% which is less than or equal to conventional chemical control methods. Knights Appleden Farm Manager, Rod Steenbruggen said “One less agricultural spray is better for us all - the fruit, the consumer and the environment. This is great technology that is making a big difference.”

Remote Precision Control makes it highly effective

Once hung in the trees, the Semios in-field sensors and camera traps monitor the number of pests and combine this with wind and temperature conditions to optimize pheromone deployment.  The most common application rate is a metered puff every 15 minutes, 12 hours a day during evening and nighttime hours through the growing season. The combination of remote access to the fields 24/7 and the controlled aerosol release means farmers can deploy the right amount of pheromones only when needed, making it more effective and a less costly alternative to pesticides.  Semios is the only pheromone dispenser that can be controlled remotely. 

About Semios

Semios is a precision farming platform that provides real-time information and pest management tools for the tree fruit, nut and grape growers.   Semios combines hardware with powerful secure online software that monitors field and weather conditions which allows for remote pest monitoring and deployment of mating disruption pheromones. It’s easy to use, reduces labor and allows farmers to make decisions that preserve and increase crop value.  For more information please visit

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