SFI launches new forest certification standard



Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Inc. has released a new standard that reinforces its important role in supporting and promoting sustainable forest management as one of the world's leading third-party forest certification programs.

Among other things, the new SFI 2010-2014 Standard, the result of an extensive 18-month public review, includes revisions that:

  • Improve conservation of biodiversity in North America and offshore, and address emerging issues such as climate change and bioenergy.
  • Strengthen unique SFI fiber sourcing requirements, which broaden the practice of sustainable forestry in North America and avoid unwanted offshore sources.
  • Complement SFI activities aimed at avoiding controversial or illegal offshore fiber sources, and embrace Lacey Act amendments to prevent illegal logging.
  • Expand requirements for logger training and support for trained loggers and certified logger programs. Since 1995, more than 117,000 loggers have received training through SFI-supported programs.

The review process included two public comment periods and seven regional workshops, and was monitored by the External Review Panel, an independent team of external experts who offer diverse perspectives and expertise to the SFI program.

'The review was truly a model of open, transparent, and responsible consideration of public input, scientific and economic factors, and conflicting demands,' said panel chair Michael Goergen, executive vice-president of the Society of American Foresters.

'The SFI program has grown and evolved over time, largely due to its willingness to work with individuals and groups who share its dedication to responsible forest management in North America.'

The SFI 2010-2014 Standard supports a comprehensive, independent certification program that works with environmental, social and industry partners to promote responsible forest management in North America and responsible fiber sourcing worldwide.

More than 180 million acres (73 million hectares) are certified to the SFI forest management standard in North America - making it the largest single standard in the world. SFI chain-of-custody certification tells buyers the percentage of certified fiber in a specific product. SFI fiber sourcing requirements promote responsible forest management on all suppliers' lands.

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