Shrimp growth breakthrough


Source: Skretting - Nutreco Group

Ecuador’s shrimp industry to benefit from new feeding protocol

Guayaquil -- Aligning the right high-specification nutrition with precise feed management procedures could bring a new golden era for shrimp farmers in Ecuador and across Latin America.

Skretting has gone through countless aspects of shrimp feed management, with strong emphasis on confirming the best nutrient composition of its feeds as well as to establish the optimal number of feed occasions. In controlling both feed quality and feed intake, Skretting has detailed evidence that confirms so far it has been able to reduce the feed conversion ratio of 1.8 by around 50%, that it has doubled the growth to 2 grams per week and that it has also increased the survival from 50% to 85%.

“Not only does this alignment between feed quality and feeding schedule provide the ideal nutrition for the needs of shrimp, Skretting has also found the best ways to control the performance of our feeds in the ponds so that all pellets are consumed. Together, these findings will maximise the genetic growth potential of these animals,” explains Angela Gutierrez del Alamo Oms, Skretting’s Technical Manager for Ecuador.

“This innovative feeding breakthrough could revolutionise shrimp production in many production regions,” she adds.

Traditionally, commercially grown shrimp in Ecuador are fed an average of 1.5 times per day, which is not sufficient to leave them fully satiated nor to optimise their growth, says Gutierrez del Alamo Oms. Because of their limited digestive capacity, shrimp stop feeding before fully meeting their dietary requirement, although they could consume more later in the day. However, it becomes very hard for shrimp to locate and consume feeds after two hours of the feed pellets being delivered to the ponds, which means the nutrition within those pellets are wasted and the water quality in the shrimp grow-out environment could deteriorate.

Commenting on the breakthrough, Carlos Miranda, General Manager of Skretting Ecuador, says: “The results from this new protocol have been spectacular, with fully-documented commercial trials showing unprecedented levels of growth, health and survival. ‘Feeding the future’ is Skretting’s mission and this advancement that combines high-specification nutrition with a optimal feed management programme gives shrimp farmers in Ecuador the ability to increase their productivity by as much as 100%.”

With its overriding ambition to contribute to meeting the food needs of a fast-growing world population in a sustainable manner, Skretting is constantly seeking innovative ways to raise the efficiency and nutritional value of its products, the productivity of its activities and those of its customers, and to reduce the environmental impact of its value chains.

Through the work of Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC), Skretting continues to apply its knowledge of ingredients and the nutritional needs of fish and shrimp to help producers optimise their aquaculture systems.

About Skretting Skretting is the world’s leading producer and supplier of high-quality feed for farmed fish and shrimp, with total annual production of approximately 2 million tonnes. Skretting is owned by Nutreco and has operating companies in five continents to produce and deliver feeds, from hatching to harvest, for more than 60 species of farmed fish and shrimp.

About Gisis: Ecuador-based aquaculture and animal feed producer Gisis SA, which sells feed under the brand name Diamasa, is owned by Nutreco and Skretting. Gisis is currently in the process of being integrated into Skretting. It has three plants in Ecuador, one plant in Honduras and an agency in Tumbes, Peru.

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