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Shuangyao Auto-feeder used in aquaculture


Suzhou Shuangyao New Material Co.,Ltd is one of the first few companies in the world which pioneered into the manufacturing of auto-feeder. Our Auto-feeder has award the patent in China .

The auto-feeder is a aquaculture device with advanced design concept and many patented technologies that being specialized developed for mass aquaculture Farmers.

It can be used in fish ponds reservoirs, lakes cages, indoor and outdoor standard fish ponds , shrimp ponds, crab ponds and different aquaculture water to feed the different specification pellet feed. It can spray the pellet feed in 360 degree without dead angle.

The maximum radius of feeding is more than 8 meters. It is simple and convenient to install.


  • Saving time and energy (e.g.1 person can manage and feed at least 50 mu)
  • Saving 20% more fodder
  • Improve the quality of water
  • Increasing the output by 30%
  • Shorten the cycle of feeding
  • Cut the cost of feeding
  • Reducing the risk of feeding

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