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Signing of a framework collaboration agreement between INRA and Agrial


On 26 February 2015, INRA and agricultural and agri-food cooperative group Agrial signed a framework collaboration agreement at the Paris International Agricultural Show. The two organisations share a single vision of economically, environmentally and socially efficient farming and a responsible food processing. They also share the same belief in the economic development of rural regions.

This agreement formalises relations which have existed for over 30 years between the two parties in the fields of agricultural and food research.

A range of projects are being carried out in close collaboration with several INRA research centres. That is particularly the case in relation to dairy farming at the INRA research centre in Le-Pin-au-Haras in the Orne department, where an Agrial engineer is seconded to INRA to implement joint research programmes.

The purpose of the framework agreement is to expand these relations. It involves:

  • increasing jointly developed projects;
  • developing joint research in the following fields:
    • animal production: economic efficiency (animal nutrition and management of raw materials), durability of systems (carbon footprint from production), societal acceptability (animal well-being, environmental impact), milk quality (nutritional values, capacity for transformation), etc.,
    • plant production: production of cider apples, lettuce and other vegetables and plants, use of co-products,
    • agri-food products (consumer health and well-being, etc.);
  • training Agrial engineers in the various fields covered by the partnership.

Objectives and resources will be adapted specifically to each project.

INRA and Agrial are delighted with this new form of collaboration which will allows them to develop in areas beneficial to INRA, Agrial and the wider agricultural and agri-food sectors.

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