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Silva Tree Investment Returns Paid


Source: Silva Tree Panama S.A.

Last month, Citadel Trustees distributed the first year's returns to all the investors in Silva Tree's project in Costa Rica, which is now sold out.

All our clients received their money on time, to the account of their choice and we had absolutely no complaints. It would appear that Citadel have been in business for 25 years for good reason, with the returns payment going extremely smoothly.

Several people have recently asked to invest (or reinvest) in the first Silva Tree project but unfortunately it is sold out. The amount of land we release to investment is limited and our projects sell out quickly, so to those who missed out, we apologise.

The Princess Project Panama is our current investment opportunity. It is a Paulownia plantation (a fast growing hardwood) and, as usual, is an environemtal project. Although we do harvest the trees, we make sure that we cut them in cycles and they re-grow, therefore we maintain Carbon stocks at all times.

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