Skretting Ecuador launch captures progressive spirit of the shrimp farming industry


Source: Skretting - Nutreco Group

The Skretting Ecuador brand has been officially launched in Ecuador and Peru. Skretting Ecuador will use the company’s worldwide R&D knowledge, combined with its local insight and experience to support shrimp farmers with the overriding aim to increase their production in a more sustainable manner.

Skretting Ecuador has been launched to support the growing need for sustainable shrimp and fish feeds in Ecuador, Peru and across Latin America and is ideally positioned to make a major contribution to the global growth of best-practice aquaculture production.

Officially unveiled at three separate events at three different locations in order to share the occasion with as many customers as possible, the Skretting Ecuador brand was launched alongside the key theme of ‘A total shrimp feeding solution’, whereby hundreds of attending customers were shown that aligning the appropriate high-specification nutrition with precise feed management procedures could bring a new golden era for the region’s shrimp farming sector.

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) comprises more than 100 researchers from 24 countries and has conducted research on nutrition, animal health and production for more than 25 years. The unit has analysed countless aspects of shrimp feed management, with a strong emphasis on confirming the best nutrient composition of its feeds as well as to establish the optimal number of feed occasions. In controlling both feed quality and feed intake, Skretting has detailed evidence verifying that it is possible to reduce the feed conversion ratio while delivering improved growth and increased survival rates.

Customers were also shown the importance of correct feeding in the first stages of the life cycle, and how to optimise growth based on the genetics of their shrimp stocks.

Speaking at the official launch ceremonies, Carlos Miranda, General Manager of Skretting Ecuador said, “The arrival of Skretting Ecuador is a very important milestone for Latin America’s aquaculture industry. For the past three years, Gisis and Skretting have worked very closely together – joining forces to launch the Skretting brand in Ecuador and Peru, where Skretting has a distribution centre. Skretting, a Nutreco-owned company, has long had the vision of ‘feeding the future’, and a very important part of this ambition is to feed high-quality shrimp with high-quality feed, which we know is also the primary goal of all of our customers. This investment demonstrates our considerable commitment to helping build a more sustainable shrimp farming industry through world-class knowledge, R&D and innovation.”

About Skretting
Skretting is the world’s leading producer and supplier of high-quality feed for farmed fish and shrimp, with total annual production of approximately 2 million tonnes. Skretting is owned by Nutreco and has operating companies in five continents to produce and deliver feeds, from hatching to harvest, for more than 60 species of farmed fish and shrimp.

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