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Snow clearance machines and machines for grounds care at a fixed price


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Transparent Costs

Service providers, local authorities, companies specialising in horticulture and landscape gardening – all of them increasingly make use of the opportunity of hiring high quality snow removal machines of all sizes.

The advantages are obvious: you do not have to undertake any financial risk at all and are always equipped with machine technology, which works. In principle the following applies: only the people, who make provision with the right equipment, will not be taken by surprise in case of emergency and can overcome the snowy splendour without any problem.

The finance model …
In order to fulfil the customers’ wishes and requirements, Hako-Werke has developed various contract models for hire, finance and leasing. Apart from the standard finance and hire purchase and the leasing contract with part and full amortization, there are further possibilities: municipal hire and leasing as well as seasonal hire. Together with the finance provider special campaign packages have been put together: in the period from 1st November to 31st March various winter maintenance vehicles can be hired and for the period from March to the end of October these machines can be equiped for grounds maintenance. The seasonal hire includes the desired model together with the necessary work tools.

The advantages for the person hiring the equipment can be listed as follows: at the end of the corresponding season the snow removal / clearance equipment can be returned and is maintained and serviced and stored by the hire company. Thorough refurbishment after the storage period helps to reduce breakdowns after the machine has been put into operation again and keeps them down to an absolute minimum. The hire and maintenance costs can be calculated year on year – made-to-measure finance pays off for all sides.

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