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Spanish sites pick vertical composting solution


Source: VCU Europa Ltd.

Berkshire based VCU Europa have further expanded their footprint in Spain with the installation of two new vertical composting systems.

The first is at Spanish poultry producers, Hermanos Alameda, who have selected VCU™ in vessel composting technology, to process their Animal By-Product (ABP) wastes.

The company, a leading manufacturer in the Jaen province of southern Spain, have teamed up with other producers of ABP materials in the area to install a purpose built treatment facility to recycle its ABP material from its factory in Ubeda and safely compost it in line with EU ABP Regulations (1774/2002) to produce a high value end product for agricultural use.

The VCU™ system has a processing capacity of around 7000T per year and is the first phase in the development of the site, which has the provision to expand to over 25000T as the facility grows.

The second site is at Spanish waste processor Ropulpat S.L who have doubled the capacity of their existing VCU™ in-vessel composting system at their facility in Burgos, northern Spain.

Their decision to expand is in response to the growing demand for the composting of ABP wastes in the region, and follows successful accreditation of the existing VCU™ facility.

The new row of 4 chambers has been installed along side the existing VCU™ plant, which Ropulpat have run since 2005, composting a wide variety of ABP wastes such as bone, blood, feathers, hair, and food waste.

The VCU™ technology, supplied by VCU Europa, was the first in-vessel composting system in Spain to be accredited to EU ABP Regulation 1774/2002.

Installation and commissioning of both the plants in Jaen and Burgos is now complete and brings the total number of VCU™ installations in Spain to five.

“The decision to expand the Burgos site is a further endorsement of the VCU™ technology” said VCU Europa’s General Manager, Steve Morris. “And the selection of VCU™ technology by Hermanos Alameda is further proof that the industry in Spain is serious about processing its ABP waste and is choosing well proven reliable solutions”.

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