Sprayers for the growing season: from ATV sprayers to garden sprayers



As the growing season comes into play, a word that comes into the vocabulary of most farmers is ‘sprayers’.  From the spraying of liquid fertiliser, through to an array of chemicals including pesticides, you need to select the most suitable sprayer for your application and size of property.

With sprayers to suit all applications, from a garden sprayer scenario to estate sprayers, right through to sprayers for large scale applications, the Enduramaxx range of sprayers includes; ATV sprayers, utility sprayers and trailer sprayers.

Our Enduraspray Skid Sprayers are ideal for spraying pastures or rough hillside that’s been taken over by weeds.  With a choice of sprayer tanks in 150 or 225 litres, this UTV skid sprayer comes with either an electric or engine-driven pump.  Use either a 12’ or 18’ boom for even coverage of flat terrain, or opt for a boom-less nozzle to spray steep, rough hillside.  With it’s Powerjet Spray Gun as standard, your skid sprayer will also function as a Spot Sprayer to spray fence rows and around obstacles.

Our 220L Skid Sprayer with folding boom is currently available for the low price of just £575 + VAT.  With 3m spray width boom, 6m or spray hose and with metal spray gun.  Click here for more details, click here.

For more information on the Enduramaxx range of sprayers and to discuss your specific spraying requirements, please get in touch now.

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