Starts a breeding program for lumpfish



Namdal Rensefisk and AquaGen has today signed an agreement for the establishment and running of a breeding program for lumpfish.

AquaGen is responsible for developing a genetically improved breeding material, and Namdal Rensefisk will produce offspring with features that are better adapted to the farming conditions and their function as a delouser of salmon.

The results so far show great variation for traits such as growth, disease resistance and the delousing ability of lumpfish, and this provides a good basis for running a breeding program. It is also initiated projects aiming at controlling reproduction in lumpfish. With faster growth and controlled maturation, combined with modern breeding technology, we will be able to develop an effective delousing lumpfish, while at the same time health and welfare of the lumpfish are taken care of.

In today’s farming, wild broodstock lumpfish are used for egg production and further ongrowth until it’s ready for transfer to sea cages. This strategy will not contribute to the domestication or improvement of the cleaning fish’s performance. A continuous collection of wild fish is also associated with significant risk for introduction of diseases.

Namdal Rensefisk is owned by Bjørøya, Marine Harvest, Midt Norsk Havbruk, Nova Sea, Emilsen Fisk and AquaGen. The company aims to produce lumpfish for delousing of salmon in the owners’ farms. The improved breeding material will be offered to other breeders of lumpfish as well.

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