Stedman’s V-Slam™ Impactor at International Poultry Expo 2007


Source: Stedman

The V-Slam™ Impactor from Stedman will be at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from January 24-26 in 2007 at booth # 3109. The V-Slam Impactor is especially designed for size reduction and offers an efficient alternative to hammer mills for grinding poultry feed, bakery waste and chicken rendering. This impactor grinds and reduces poultry feed to over 90% passing 12 mesh in a single pass without the use of screens. Screen maintenance and “screen blow-out” are eliminated.

Applications include rendering of poultry, pet food and other animal feed supplements. The V-Slam can also handle tramp metal.

The V-Slam is equipped with an indexing feed tube and anvil ring. Top housing has a hydraulic powered opening for fast, easy access. The impactor is also equipped with an automatic recirculating lubrication system. Oil cooler available for hot materials. Distributor plates, shoes and other impeller components are easy to replace. Founded in 1834, Stedman is the originator of the cage mill and is a leading manufacturer of size reduction.

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