Surge-Valve Demonstrated in South Texas


Source: China Valmax Valve Corporation

Surge-valves and poly-pipe will be used for irrigation specific designed for farmers. And these valves will be displayed in the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Weslaco 

The surge-valve is an ideal device that adopts the reasonable use water technology. And a program is hosted to persuade 30 Valley growers to buy this kind of valve at a discounted price. 
This Friday, the demonstration of water-saving devices will get closer to farmers. And the irrigation engineers will explain the advantages, cost saving possibility of surge-valve and pipe technology. 
“We'll adopt the surge-valves in one of our grain sorghum field plots and display its water saving advantage. Then we will discuss with the farmers about the advantages and disadvantages of the device,' says Dr. Juan Anciso, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service fruit and vegetable specialist at the center.
The demonstration is being presented by AgriLife Extension, the Texas Water Resources Institute and the Rio Grande Regional Water Authority.

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