Swine Educative Program Roll-Out


Source: Lallemand Animal Nutrition

A few months after the launch of its swine educative program conducted in partnership with its Monogastric Centre Of Excellence, Lallemand Animal Nutrition organized the first French session focused on piglet.

Twelve technicians from French cooperative CAVAC gathered for an educative session dedicated to: piglets gut functions, digestive pathologies and the role of probiotics. Technical presentations and practical sessions were animated by Yannig le Treut, DVM (General Manager Lallemand Animal Nutrition) and Patrick Bourguignon, DVM, (pig vet).

An original format

Dominique Baudry, technical sales representative for Lallemand Animal Nutrition, who instigated the event, explains : « This is the opportunity to see our clients in a different setting : less business-orientated but nonetheless useful. We touched on different topics which, at the end of the day, help us better understand gut functions and the challenges of certain stages of the piglet cycle, and, consequently, the benefits of our solutions. The format also allows to illustrate the science with practical works : this is a real bonus ! ».

Practical outcome

Michel Chiffoleau, technical manager for Cavac, agrees : « The session was very interesting and helped us better understand how the piglet’s gut functions and the importance of microflora stabilization… we are going back home with technical information that we will be able to use in practice on the field!

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