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Sykes Hollow Innovations brings PIRIT™ Heated Hose to market


Source: Sykes Hollow Innovations, Ltd.

Sykes Hollow Innovations, Ltd. (SHI) an engineering and technology developer based in Pawlet, Vermont, has introduced an electrically heated water hose for use in below-freezing temperatures. The PIRIT™ Heated Hoses solve a myriad set of problems for anyone who needs to deliver water outdoors in below freezing temperatures. Farmers who need to water livestock, horse owners, gardeners, RV owners, back-yard hockey rink owners and outdoor contractors are only a few of the potential users for whom the new product will save time and labor.

“We’re thrilled to be finally getting our new product to market,” said William Ferrone, SHI’s CEO. Ferrone invented and patented PIRIT™ Heated Hose as a solution to the problem of getting water to his wife’s horses during the cold winter months in southern Vermont. PIRIT™ Hoses have electrical cord sets attached to them which, when plugged in, activate a heating element built into the hose material. The 50 ft, 5/8” PIRIT™ Heated Hoses are made with PVC material which is FDA-approved for potable water, and are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

SHI will distribute the PIRIT™ Hoses directly through its own web-site, through a number of house-ware and tool product catalogs, and through a variety of retailers.

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