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TANA BioChipper hit the nerve at Elmia Wood 2013!


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The highly efficient mobile wood chipper, TANA BioChipper, was introduced outside Finland for the first time at the major European forest trade show, Elmia Wood 2013 in Sweden. Attended by more than 54 000 forest industry professionals, it was the place to be at.

The TANA BioChipper was on display at the exhibition and it gathered large crowds. We did several demo runs daily and they caught lots of attention. When talking to the visitors, they were especially impressed by the chipping capacity the BioChipper is able to produce. With an average of approximately 310 m3/h, the capacity can reach up to 480 m3/h if the timber is without major impurities and if the operator is a good feeder.

Another feature that differentiates the TANA BioChipper from its competitors is the highly even chip quality. This is of high importance to the machine owner as he can easily produce homogeneous chips that need no further handling before delivered to the end user. This saves both money and time.

The machine has also a sluing mechanism, that enables to turn the chipper unit 240 degrees and also to slide the unit on the chassis. This makes operating the BioChipper easy, safe and efficient as the the operator can adjust and part the vehicle in one place and then feed the chipper from both sides using the sluing mechanism instead of having to interrupt the feeding in order to repark the truck so that he can feed it from the other side. This also enables the container trucks to run continuosly as they are always placed so that they have free access to the road.

Read more about TANA BioChipper in our brochure and in the case study linked below:

TANA BioChipper brochure

TANA BioChipper case study

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