Technology in Farming – From Drones Herding Sheep to UV-Stabilised Storage Tanks



As technology takes more of a hold over farming with the on-going rise of precision farming, it probably won’t come as such a surprise to hear that drones are now making their way into agriculture, namely sheep farming. Farmers Weekly showcases a Carlow-based sheep farmer, Paul Brennan who uses a remote controlled quad-copter drone to herd around 100 sheep from one pasture to another.

The sheep farmer has risen to fame as of late, thanks to a YouTube video taken from his drone that has gone viral across the farming world and can be seen here. The one-minute clip has attracted over 45,000 views so far and Mr. Brennan has been complimented for his great piloting. However, the video has also attracted some negative comments, mainly relating to the farmer’s actions potentially contributing towards unemployed sheep dogs.

The boundaries of technology are driving farming throughout the globe more and more each year and advancements in techniques, hardware and materials, including Enduramaxx tanks, are making all the difference. Our vertical and horizontal storage tanks are just one example. Being made from an advanced UV-stabilised polyethylene means that Enduramaxx storage tanks keep chemicals and liquids protected from the elements, including the sun.

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