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The 2018 Global Moringa Meet presents the Real Moringa Farming Manifesto - Good Food for Everyone Forever

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7th Global Moringa Meet

Jaipur April 22, 2019 -- Providing the people of the world with a dependable supply of healthy nutritious foods is perhaps the greatest challenge facing humanity. Our current farming methods are clearly failing. They are over-dependent on fossil fuels; they damage soils and deplete scarce water resources; they degrade everyday foods; they reduce biodiversity and squander precious wildlife; they pollute our global environment. We, the organizers of the global moringa meet, are convinced that the Earth’s natural resources are easily able to provide a good, healthy diet for everyone living on the planet today – and everyone likely to be living on it 50 years from now and indeed forever. All it will take is an agriculture based on principles of sound biology rather than economic dogma.
Globally, about 900 million people do not have enough to eat, and more than two billion suffer from micronutrient deficiency, according to United Nations (UN) food agencies. The Moringa tree is increasingly considered as one of the world's most valuable natural resources, as the main constituents of the tree have several nutritive ingredients. Its leaves, pods and flowers are considered good sources of vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B6 and C, folic acid, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, and amino acids. More importantly, its leaves are highly nutritious; being a significant source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, protein, iron and potassium Arial. Moringa oleifera is an essential plant in meeting global food security and sustain the livelihoods of many millions of people. Food vs. fuel, for most, comes and goes with price cycles. It is seen as a transitory debate, usually focused on a handful of feedstocks that producers of food or fuel have become overly dependent on. To us, diversity is the solution - and diversification the strategy, and scientists and entrepreneurs must ultimately solve the debate by ending the need for it.
The Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) has identified the factors limiting the adoption and use of the Moringa Tree for Agricultural Development for Producing Biodiesel. Seventh  International workshop on Moringa for Food and Fuel Security in Jaipur on 23-25 November 2019 will explore the important role Moringa play in the lives of rural people and the global economy discussing advancement of existing and future agricultural development projects. CJP's experience, expertise, and views aboutMoringaand its use for agriculture development for the purposes of reducing hunger and poverty shall be highlighted in the 2019 Global Moringa Meet 2019.
Aiming at promotion of the international exchange and cooperation in above mentioned fields 2019  3 day Global Moringa Meet(GMM 19) on November 23-25 , 2019 shall provide new insight in the potentiality of this crop for future exploitation and formulate strategies for developing moringa failsafe farms and also helps new growers to have holistic information on moringa crop. The Scope of GMM 19 will cover the academic research activities in Agronomy, Horticulture, and Biology, industrial practices in biofuels and bioenergy technology, and food biotechnology Engineering, Marketing and Financial aspects of Moringa commercialization

7th GLOBAL MORINGA MEET 2019 is an international conference dedicated to the latest advancements in the science, technology and advancements in research, commercialization solutions and much more! Our aim in establishing this meet – which has became an annual event – is to encourage and stimulate fresh thinking on this, the greatest challenge of our time. We believe the people of this world – are entitled to the best foods our land can provide. The GMM 19 will investigate the most effective ways of achieving this. Though we are passionately committed to good science, the key to securing good food for all is rather the careful management of the world’s natural resources by well tried and trusted methods.

We have no agenda other than to secure a system of agriculture that feeds the world well and also fuels same time. The oil from the Moringa tree is a more sustainable biodiesel feedstock as it can yield both food and fuel. Among those searching for solutions to feed the hungry, Moringa is well known. Malnourished children flourish with the introduction of the nutritious Moringa leaf crop, which provides protein, vitamins and minerals in their diets. The greatest potential for this species is currently thought to be in its cultivation for the production of biodiesel. Yields of about 20 metric tonnes of pods per hectare per year are achievable for this species. This would equate to between 3000 and 4000 liters of biodiesel per hectare per annum. It is particularly desirable because it is a very low water-use crop and may be cultivated on marginal land commercially

If these are aims that you share please support our Meet. Join with us on this adventure. What we’re seeking is nothing less than a renaissance – for farming, for energy for food and for the world. The Scope of GMM 19 will cover the academic research activities in Agronomy, Horticulture, and Biology, industrial practices in biofuels and bioenergy technology, and food biotechnology Engineering, Marketing and Financial aspects of Moringa commercialization.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to welcome you to GMM 19 in beautiful downtown Jaipur. It will be a great pleasure to share the up-to-date advances in both fundamental researches and engineering practices, and to project the areas where we may contribute to our better life and planet.

Next, given that the industry is marking milestones with the development and commercialization of Moringa-derived products, particularly in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia region where the diverse market is growing immensely, we have lined-up these top experts and their sessions on High Value Added Ingredients from Moringa

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