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The 38th AGROmashEXPO and 10th Agricultural Machine Show were successful


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The digitalisation of agriculture brings stability and predictability to food production and is essential for Hungarian agriculture to remain competitive in Europe. The Minister of Agriculture talked about this at the opening of this year's 38th AGROmashEXPO International Agricultural and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition and the 10th Agricultural Machinery Show.

Nearly 350 exhibitors presented their products and services at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Convention and Exhibition Center at the most important professional event of the Hungarian agricultural economy. During the four days of the HUNGEXPO annual event, a total of 47,000 visitors learned about the latest techniques and trends in agriculture. Thanks to the National Association of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Distributors, the exhibition also featured companies selling major international brands and technologies, which presented their novelties here in Hungary for the first time after the largest agricultural exhibition in Europe, Agritechnica in Hannover.

In addition to getting acquainted with the latest agricultural products and services, those interested can learn in detail about the innovations, services and inputs (seeds, propagating materials, pesticides, fertilizers) that make their economy more successful


István Nagy Minister of Agriculture At the opening of the exhibition he said that domestic agriculture was on a stable growth path, its performance continued to grow last year, and its output reached HUF 2,776 billion, which is 3 percent more than last year. Investments are the engine of development and their value reached HUF 301 billion in the first three quarters of 2019. The revival of investment is indicated by a 15 per cent increase over the same period last year, the minister said. He also pointed out that it is not enough to buy machines nowadays, because their operation requires outstanding technical expertise. Agriculture is a complex area that is increasingly automated. Accordingly, the agrarian ministry will make every effort to provide the facilities and conditions necessary for catching up. “Agricultural digitalisation has many benefits, such as promoting stability and predictability in food production. We must take advantage of these opportunities as soon as possible so that we do not fall behind other European countries, ”said István Nagy.

Zsolt Harsányi , president of the National Association of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Distributors (MEGFOSZ) reminded that while in 1900 five people were fed by a farmer, in 2020 it was already 155. Growth also includes increasingly powerful machines, which are increasingly important due to the unpredictability of climate change and the poor planning of harvest, he said. What's more, today's machines are up to the challenge and offer answers to questions they haven't even asked.

Zsolt Harsányi emphasized that this year the event will be attended by 3500 students free of charge. Future professionals will be among them, he added.

Every year, agriculture is getting better and better, not only for farmers, but for the country as a whole, as well as the background industry, ”said Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo Zrt . He added that the renewed interest is well illustrated by the fact that 'today there is hardly any space left in Hungexpo where a company would not want to exhibit.' The CEO also said that Hungexpo is currently undergoing an 'historic-scale' transformation that will result in a completely renovated facility next year.


The exhibition was accompanied by traditionally diverse professional programs, conferences and presentations. Precision farming, digitalisation and sustainable development were among the topics this year. Invited by two outstanding professional partners of AGROmashEXPO, the National Association of Cereal Growers (GOSZ) and the National Chamber of Agriculture, at
the Field Trade Day conference, they discussed how to provide humanity with food in an economical, environmentally friendly way.
 This time, the focus of the traditional Agri-Marketing and Media Day of Hungarian Agriculture Ltd. was on the media consumption and knowledge acquisition habits of young farmers. and Corteva organized this yearPREGA AgRobot Show , featuring the latest developments in robotics.


On the opening day of the exhibition , the winners of the AGROmashEXPO, Agricultural MachineryShow Product Development Awards were announced . This time it was also possible to enter national and international awards in the categories of mechanization, input / service and digitization. 13 of the 36 bidding companies applied for the Hungarian prize, 8 of them in the digitalization category.

In the category of digitalization, BPW-Hungária Kft. - BPW AGRO Hub - Dynamic Mass Estimating System wins the Hungarian Product Development Award. In the category of mechanization wins the International Product Development Award for Axial Ltd. - Sixth Generation Fendt 900 Vario, tractor series and KITE Zrt John Deere 8R Series tractor.

The other winner of the award and find detailed descriptions of the products page

The Hungarian Field Machine of the Year Award was presented at a professional conference entitled Successful Periods and Future Chances for Our Machinery. The prize was established by the Agricultural Machinery Section of the Hungarian Scientific Society and the Hungarian Agriculture Ltd. The CLAAS Hungária Ltd. CLAAS Convio Flex 930 strap was recognized for the professional and moral recognition of the product development results of the Hungarian agricultural machinery industry and to stimulate their innovation activities. his cutting board deserved it.

Takarékbank Zrt. , A prominent partner of the exhibition, timed the signing of an agreement with the Hungarian Interprofessional Organization for Fruit and Vegetables ( FruitVeB ), an interprofessional organization representing the sector . Under the contract, the financial institution helps to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the fruit and vegetable sector not only by exchanging information and experience, but also by consulting, training and market forecasting.

The 38th AGROmashEXPO and 10th Agricultural Machine Show were successful

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