The Bumper Apple Harvest Continues – Dry Weather and Cone Bottom Tanks Needed!



With so many varieties grown across the UK, it’s no wonder that the apple harvest continues as winter approaches. The Worcester News reports how the ideal summer for apple growing is still resulting in an on-going record harvest which is great news for the growing number of cider producers across the country and for the expanding and varying cider market.

Although the summer might not have appeared to be one of the best when one looks back at the weather, a number of apple growers report that we are experiencing the biggest crop of English eating (and drinking) apples in 20 years. With key varieties which include; Gala, Cox, Red Windsor and Braeburn particularly flourishing, growers are now hoping for a spate of dry weather for the next few weeks whilst harvesting continues.

English farmers are so confident in the 2015 harvest that they are predicting a harvest of 160,000 tonnes of eating apples this year, compared to 141,000 tonnes last year and for the country’s cider market, this can only spell better choice of higher quality apples.

For Enduramaxx, this means that our production and supply of cone bottom tanks is on the up too. Our conical tanks enable cider producers to process a key stage in their cider making and that is the separation of impurities and sediments. Available in a variety of degree cone bottoms, sediment sinks to the bottom of the tank where it can be drained away. Enduramaxx tanks are not only food grade, but are made from a very robust, protective UV-stabilised polyethylene, thus shielding liquids from the elements. Made using a single, rotationally moulded design, Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are very strong, reducing the risks of spillage and leakage.

For more on cone bottom tanks and cider production, follow this link!

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