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The Quest ATR is perfect for testing soil


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Keep soil healthy with the Quest ATR

The ecological health of soil can be monitored with the Quest ATR.

The organic and mineral components of soil can be established by testing with ATR-IR spectroscopy.

Check your plants/crops/etc have the right nutrients for good health. Make sure there is enough calcium, not too much nitrogen or carbon. Map large areas according to the deficit or abundance of minerals.

The spectral analysis of soil is also very useful in the delicate monitoring of the environmental health of an area. Check for agricultural malpractice or general soil degradation in ecologically delicate areas.

With the Quest ATR-IR accessory it is possible to analyse a soil sample directly without the need to disrupt the sample from grinding or compressing into pellets for other measurement techniques.

The Quest ATR is the industry standard for analysing delicate samples.

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