Biopak (UK) Ltd

Biopak (UK) Ltd

The UK`s 1st disposable tumblers that carry the CE marking and are fully compostable


Source: Biopak (UK) Ltd

Biopac is the first company in the UK to produce disposable tumblers that carry the CE marking.0

The pint and ½ pint tumblers are fully compliant with the applicable Trading Standards regulations and so have received the CE mark approval.

Before the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) came into force in the UK in October 2006 it was very difficult for disposable glasses to be stamped in accordance with Trading Standards regulations. The MID allows ‘flexible glasses’ to be CE marked providing they undergo suitable testing for dimensional stability.

The glasses allow bar operators to use the tumblers without having to use measured beer pumps as is the requirement with non CE marked tumblers.

The other major benefit is that the tumblers are fully compostable as they are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a corn starch derived material. By not using any petrochemicals in their manufacture they are meeting the demands for environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional plastic tumblers.

‘We are aware that licensing of future events will depend on sustainability, we use tens of thousands of disposable tumblers – using these biodegradable ones will be a massive boost to our sustainable credentials.’ David Whitall, Drop Beats not Bombs/Rootsville.

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