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Toyota Holds 9th Tree-planting Event in China


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Hebei, China, July 26, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces it held a tree-planting event today in Fengning Man Autonomous County, Hebei Province*, China. The event was held in cooperation with the China-Japan Scientific Technology & Economic Exchange Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau and the Green Earth Center nonprofit organization.

At the event, part of the joint Sino-Japanese 21st Century Greater Beijing Reforestation Model project, TMC China Office GeneralManager Etsuo Hattori, TMC Managing Officer Satoru Mouri and approximately 90 other volunteers from TMC affiliates in China and TMC planted approximately 650 Chinese red pine trees.

The 21st Century Greater Beijing Reforestation Model project is aimed at preventing desertification in China, which is now encroaching on Beijing. Under the project, local residents, volunteers from NPOs and volunteers from TMC and its affiliates have planted approximately 3.7 million trees on 2,888 hectares since 2001, with TMC having contributed a total of 450 million yen to the initiative. TMC continues to encourage the development of sustainable greening activities.

TMC is committed to carrying out its social contribution activities in China, with a focus on environmental protection, human-resource development and traffic safety. In addition to its afforestation programs to combat desertification, TMC also created the Toyota Environmental Protection Aid Program for China's Youth and is supporting local activities to protect the environment. Also, together with the School of Public Policy & Management at Tsinghua University, TMC has established the Toyota Study Assistance Fund as well as a research center, both aimed at fostering thedevelopment of human resources. Meanwhile, in the area of traffic safety, TMC has been working with the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to hold public events on safe driving. TMC will continue to engage in these social contribution activities as part of its effort to actively contribute to Chinese society as a good corporate citizen.

Overview of 21st Century Greater Beijing Reforestation Model
Project:        21st Century Greater Beijing Reforestation Model 
                (Sino-Japanese joint project)
Participants:   China-Japan Scientific Technology & Economic 
                Exchange Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 
                Hebei Province Forestry Bureau; NPO Green Earth Center; 
Toyota Motor Corporation

Location:       Fengning Man Autonomous County, Hebei Province, China

Implementation: 1st stage
                Period: April 2001 - March 2004
                Main goals: Afforestation of 1,500 ha
Funding: 150 million yen

                2nd stage
                Period: April 2004 - March 2007
                Main goals: Afforestation of 1,000 ha; creation of a 
                structure to support the livelihood of local residents 
and protect the environment
                Funding: 150 million yen

                3rd stage (planned)
                Period: April 2007 - March 2011 
                Main Goals: Afforestation of 500 ha, bolstering of 
afforestation activities and creation of a system to 
                extend the afforestation effort to other regions, 
                establishment of 21st Century Greater Beijing 
                Afforestation Center in May 2008
Funding: 150 million yen

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