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Tractor Repair Assessment


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In his tractor repair assessment Chad discusses what’s first like hydraulics and the electrical system when a customer’s tractor comes into the shop.

From the tractor repair assessment video.

So when one of these machines come in and we start looking it over the first thing we want to assess, we kinda work from front to back and we say, “How does it look hydraulically? Does it look like it’s going to require motors at any of the wheel locations? Does it look like the steering valve is okay?” Typically if those components are not leaking, you don’t have a lot oil residue, they’re generally still in good working order. They may have lost some efficiency from what they were original, but as long as they’re still keeping the oil in them, they’re still lubricating and they’re still able to propel the machine and steer the machine the way that they were designed to.

So moving back from there we would look at the battery, does it have a battery that’s good enough to actually turn the machine over or does it need to have a new battery? And you’d be surprised at how many machines come in here that have got batteries on them that are ten, fifteen years old because that’s the last time anybody did anything with it. So we’ll check the batteries, we’ll check the battery connections, make sure that all of the cables still are making good contact with the posts and all of the things that required to actually supply the machine with the power that it needs to turn the engine.

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