Tree Donations Reforest Devastated Areas from Hurricanes and Drought


BATON ROUGE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), founded in Baton Rouge, a national ecological restoration company, with operations in Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, donated 2,500 live oak and cypress trees throughout 57 parishes in Louisiana including Orleans and surrounding parishes, announced CEO Elliott Bouillion. With the unanimous passing of HCR86 on May 8, 2013, RES received formal commendation for its donation by the entire Louisiana Legislature.

RES Donated Trees in New Orleans Park (Photo: Business Wire)

RES Donated Trees in New Orleans Park (Photo: Business Wire)

The donated live oak and cypress trees were grown and potted at RES’ 640-acre native grass and tree nursery near Pointe Aux Chenes in Terrebonne Parish. The trees were planted throughout Louisiana parishes in March and April, with site selection assistance provided by local legislators.

District 4 State Senator Ed Murray stated, 'These live oak trees are a great gift from Resource Environmental Solutions that help beautify our city and park, but also help us restore the many trees lost in Hurricane Katrina. We are one step further in restoring refuge and habitats for the park’s wildlife and balancing its ecosystem. We thank RES for their donation and also The Picard Group for facilitating such a powerful environmental initiative.'

'With this generous donation of trees from RES, we are able to return the beauty to and rehabilitate the environment in St. Bernard parish that was shattered by Hurricane Katrina. RES’ effort is not only generous, but revitalizing and for that we in St. Bernard Parish are truly grateful,” said Senator J.P. Morrell (D-St. Bernard).

Bouillion noted, “Each day, communities find themselves closer and closer to open water, more vulnerable to hurricanes, sea level rise and rivers that overflow their banks. Trees stabilize the environment and wetlands ecosystems. RES is thrilled to be the leader in ecological restoration of Louisiana. Balancing economic development with ecological restoration helps grow Louisiana infrastructure and maintain a self-sustaining environment.”

Since the company’s founding in 2007, RES has planted over 5 million trees on 22,000 acres of restored native habitat as part of ecological restoration efforts throughout Louisiana. Restoration sites are specifically selected to ensure the best chance of tree survival and enable large-scale, contiguous ecosystems.

Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC develops and supplies ecological offsets for unavoidable project-related impacts to wetlands, streams and habitats. RES efforts help to maintain the balance of economic development and environmental stewardship.

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